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News 2024

Thyroid cancer prevention initiative results

In 2023, 16 cancer prevention days were organized in collaboration with Fondazione ANT.

By adhering to the "Thyroid Project" Metal Work has offered its employees the possibility to identify suspected thyroid nodules and thus receive the appropriate indications of diagnostic investigation.

The incidence of thyroid cancer, currently estimated in Italy of about 3,600 cases/year, is growing significantly and this phenomenon is attributed to the increased number of early diagnosis that is obtained with the use of ultrasound. On the other hand, fortunately, mortality is very low and tends to decrease because more than 90% of thyroid tumors heal with the treatments put in place. Women are more affected than men in the proportion of four to one.

From June to December 2023 380 medical exhaminations were taken in Metal Work: 176 by men (53.7%) and 204 by women (46.3%).