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Environmental and health & safety management system policy


Following the implementation of the UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality System, in the year 2000 Metal Work S.p.A. voluntarily decided to launch the process for the certification of the Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Management System according to BS OHSAS 18001 standards, which set forth a series of requirements the company is required to comply with in order to provide evidence of its commitment to safeguarding the environment and the health and safety in the workplace.
Our company has always paid great attention to environmental issues and the health and safety in the workplace and we now intend to make our commitment evident.
Top Management will continue to promote any initiative aimed at ensuring the correct handling of current and future business processes, which have an impact on the environment and affect the health and safety of those who work under the control of the organization.

This approach includes the following strategic guidelines:
a. compliance with the law, regulations and any other stated requirements at all times;
b. continuous research on the reduction of emissions into the air, wastewater discharge into sewer systems and waste disposal;
c. continuous research on the reduction of consumption (water, energy and raw materials);
d. research and adoption of technological processes offering the lowest environmental impact;
e. constant assessment of environmental issues associated with the production and adoption of appropriate systems to guarantee adequate protection of the environment;
f. ongoing research of means aimed at reducing all the negative phenomena affecting the workers’ health and safety;
g. constant assessment of all aspects relating to the workers’ health and safety conditions and continuous efforts for improvement;
h. extension of the concept of “stakeholder” to all those who are directly or indirectly affected by the environmental aspects and the safety of Metal Work processes, including raw materials, production, utilization and the product’s end-life.
i. facing new challenges and changes, either by minimising or removing, as far as possible, any environment- and safety-related risks, converting them into opportunities, in order to achieve increasingly ambitious goals.
j. training of all employees to encourage any initiatives to protect the environment and the dissemination of the culture of safety and health in the workplace;

These guidelines clearly entail a commitment not only by Top Management but also by all company employees, who are required to contribute, according to individual areas of competence, to the implementation of environmental and health and safety management plans as periodically scheduled. The H&S plans contain specific targets to be achieved as well as the methods, timescale and responsibilities for their implementation.  

When the Environmental and Health and Safety Management System certification has been obtained, the goal the company has set itself is to maintain it in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001, in view of continuous improvement.

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